Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold

Parquet Courts just seemed like an interesting name. Their album cover seemed country, but the description said punk. Looking over the tracklist I can definitely tell it has the punk influnence. There are 15 tracks clocking in at a miniscule 33:05. I’m expecting hard hitting, in your face, smash mouth punk coming out of these guys from Brooklyn.

Released August 18th, 2012 on Dull Tools
Re-issued January 15th, 2013 on What’s Your Rupture?


1. “Master of My Craft” 3:10
2. “Borrowed Time” 2:32
3. “Donuts Only” 1:21
4. “Yr No Stoner” 1:50
5. “Yonder is Closer to the Heart” 2:59
6. “Careers in Combat” 1:07
7. “Light Up Gold I” 0:18
8. “Light Up Gold II” 1:13
9. “N Dakota” 2:19
10. “Stoned and Starving” 5:11
11. “No Ideas” 2:37
12. “Caster of Worthless Spells” 1:18
13. “Disney P.T.” 1:12
14. “Tears O Plenty” 3:16
15. “Picture of Health” 2:45

“Master of My Craft” opens up the album and immediatly sounds like The Ramones. These guys seem to take their sound from the really early punk. Almost has a 60’s surfer vibe to it. I’m diggin the sound so far. Sound like they belong at the beginning of the punk wave.

“Borrowed Time” comes right in from “Master of My Craft”. No real break. You really wouldn’t notice it changed songs without looking at the playlist. I seem to have been wrong about the in your face style. These songs could be on the radio no problem.

“Donuts Only” sort of sounds like a Strokes song with the opening bass line. For how short these songs are I didn’t expect how accessiable they would be.

“Yr No Stoner” comes in next in with a slightly mellow & poppy guitar and bass line. So far every track is good. Seems like a winner so far. The song ends abruptly like I expect most punk songs to.

The opening bassline for “Yonder is Closer to the Heart” sets the tone for the rest of the song. This one is the fastest so far. Most hard hitting, but not brash. Still very accessiable.

“Careers in Combat” is another song that starts out reminding me of The Strokes. Must be a NY thing. I’m not sure what the vocals remind me of. Sonic Youth maybe?

“Light Up Gold I” is just an 18 second haunting guitar sound that leads into “Light Up Gold II”. This just took over for the most punk sounding. Another one that sounds like The Ramones, not that it’s a bad thing. My only complaint is that the feedback sounds forced.

Another bass heavy opening for “N Dakota”. This one seems like the slower mellow track right in the center of most records. I love the lyrics to this one. A standout on the record.

“Stoned and Starving” is basically describing a night at the market after you’ve gotten stoned. Sounds a lot like some of my friends nights in high school. This is the longest song on the album at 5:12. It has a very fun vibe. This one does tend to drag on just a bit, but maybe that’s what they were going for. It does fit with the theme of the song.

“No Ideas” is another slower song. This one was completly influenced by Sonic Youth. This is another standout track for me. I really like the way it changes up at the chorus.

“Caster of Worthless Spells” is an okay track. This one has a …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead feel to it. Very short and almost forgettable.

“Disney P.T.” kicks in and is right in your face. New champion for most punk sounding on the record. Another standout track. My favorite on the record.

The last track leads right into “Tears O Plenty”. Another song that is slightly poppy. Yet another very good track.

The final track, “Picture of Health”, starts with the most distorted guitar on the entire project. I could almost picture this one on the radio or in some indie film.

Overall I really liked this record. I wouldn’t say they are my new favorite band or anything, but it’s really hard to find something to hate on this album. I was pretty off with my guess. This wasn’t the Black Flag type punk I had in mind. Their influences are not hidden though. From the Ramones to Sonic Youth, The Strokes and Trail of Dead. All great musical infulences to have in my opinion. Nothing on this record is groundbreaking but it doesn’t have to be. It’s still great music.

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