So a few months ago on r/49ers people were posting their versions of covers for the new Madden 15 game that is coming out soon. I dug a few of them. There are some extremely talented people out there. I had one in mind that I wanted to do, but I wanted to see who won first. A couple months ago it was announced that Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks won. Big surprise, I know. So I went forward with the design I had in mind.

Since Sherman won I wanted to make sure he was still well represented. I had to go with my beloved San Francisco 49ers though as the main focus. The photo I choose shows Michael Crabtree in his second game back after his injury. He used Sherman as a springboard to get a few extra yards. It is one of my favorite pictures from the last NFL season. (For the record, the picture of Sherman tipping the pass away in the NFC Championship game is also a really great photo.) I also added in the background some of my favorite Sherman moments. From Trent Williams shoving his face to Larry Fitzgerald knocking him on his ass. The original version I had messed up the helmet a little, so I had to go back to fix it.

I posted it on Reddit and people seemed to dig it. It went semi viral in the 49er community with a couple posts on Niners Nation. Crabtree himself even saw it, though he seems to believe in the curse. Note to Crabs… the curse only affects the official cover winner, not mockups. Below are my attempts at an XBOX One and PS4 Cover. If you would like better resolution versions to download, print and use click through to my Deviant Art page and go for it. If you would like me to attempt to make one for your favorite team, I’d be down for that. Just sent me links to photos that you’d like, the higher resolution the better.

Madden 15 XBox One Cover AlternateMadden 15 PS4 Cover Alternate


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