How to Be Single Review

Is there a correct way to be single? Dakota Johnson tries to figure this exact question out in the 2016 romantic comedy, How to be Single. The ensemble cast also includes Alison Brie, Leslie Mann and Rebel Wilson. I knew exactly nothing about this film going into it. I only saw the poster, noticed Rebel Wilson & Leslie Mann and thought, “I like them, maybe my wife will like this movie.” This movie ended up just meh. It really wasn’t terrible. It had it’s good moments, but it also had it’s glaring issues.

About 20 minutes into the film I said to my wife, “This reminds me of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You'”. I had absolutely no idea it was from the same writer. I have not read the book so I cannot compare, but it sure felt like they were trying to emulate that movie to me. That was a mistake to me. They really should have tried to stand on it’s own. I don’t like immediately comparing movies as I am watching them.

I felt like director Christian Ditter didn’t get enough time to tell the entire story correctly. Either that or he tried to tell way too much story. It was very condensed to the point that some of the time lapses were confusing. I wasn’t sure how much time was passing exactly. I only remember once were it said on the screen how much time passed in between a time jump. Sometimes it felt like months or years were passing, but I could never really tell. This hurt the film in my opinion.

I have to also mention Dakota Johnson’s hairstyle as well. It was god awful. I don’t know who’s choice that was, but it was really distracting. It made her look like an old lady that was trying to look younger. Bangs are just a no no.

Another point of contention for me is that the movie sort of drags on and on. It seemed to take forever to move the main plot along. It felt like a really long 110 minutes. There was a lot of filler that didn’t need to be there. Alison Brie’s storyline, although one of my favorites, felt out of place. It was so disconnected from the main storyline that I felt like if it had been dropped it would have helped the film overall. Finding out that Rebel Wilson’s character was rich at the end added nothing to the story. Just a time waster.

Damon Wayans, Jr. character was highly under utilized. The breakup between him and Dakota Johnson felt EXTREMELY forced. They were literally together for 1 scene. Another time waster. His storyline with his daughter though really should have been fleshed out more. Their scenes together I really enjoyed even though they were brief. His last scene probably touched me the most out of the entire film. Alison Brie’s story was also a highlight. I just wish they had incorporated it better.

The ending of the movie was really great, even if it took a really long time to get there. I highly enjoyed the fact that they didn’t fall into the romantic comedy cliches. They decided to do somethings a little different and that was refreshing. Not everyone ends up with someone. That’s life. That last shot of the Grand Canyon was a beautiful way to end the picture.

Overall I’m not disappointed I watched it, but I probably won’t be adding it to my collection.

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