Hey Kids! Do You Like Violence?

It’s been years. Literally years. I think I need this… this place. This website here. Where I can get all my thoughts out. I’m not sure why it’s failed to materialize before. For whatever reason things just got in the way. I mean, it did take me 6 days to write this fucking thing. Life is like that sometimes. One day it can feel like you won the lottery, the next like your nuts were run over by a dump truck. That’s why I believe this is important. Not for you, but for myself. This is kind of like talking to myself without coming off so fucking crazy.

I’m Mark by the way. A white male American. Grew up in Southern Cali and now call Oregon home. A skeptic by nature and a full-fledged poly-atheist. There are many gods that I don’t believe in. Lived through a broken, drug filled home and poverty stricken childhood. It’s made me who I am today. I’m vulgar as fuck too. I don’t believe in such nonsense as “bad words”, only bad intentions. I loath smoking, drinking and drugs. I don’t want them in my life anymore trying to fuck shit up. I think drugs should be legal though, I just don’t want them around me. If you want to fuck up your own life, by all means. It’s when it starts to affect others that I have a problem.

I have been with my wife for more than 10 years now. It’s crazy to me to think about that. I haven’t had many relationships last this long, even with family members. We have two wonderful red-headed children that sure know where our giant red button is. Before you ask, I don’t fucking know how they got their red hair. We have a “dog” named Pixel. She is a tiny little thing. I put the dog in quotes because if it can climb on me and I don’t feel like I’m suffocating it surely can’t be a real dog. Right?

I have a love of the arts. Movies, Television, Music, Comics, Video Games, et al. It brings me great joy to introduce my children to shows and music that I love and grew up with. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. It fucking loves to hate me. I can get lost in html code for hours on end. It’s very strange how I can visualize lines of code before I ever see the result in a browser.

That’s just a little intro on me. I’ll write more about myself as the subjects come up. What I hope to accomplish with this site is to get some of my thought process out. I have a wide variety of interest. I want to use this venue to voice my opinions on these ideas and topics. I don’t really want to use this as a place to bitch about things, but hey, it’s my fucking site. I’ll do what I want.

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