In the spring of 2002 I was informed of an independent film by the name of Die Before I Wake┬ábeing filmed in the small town I was living in at the time. They were looking for extras for one specific scene. A couple college classmates and I went to meet with the director and volunteer our time. We were the only three that showed up apparently. The director decided at that time that he wanted me to say a line in the film. My line: “You lookin’ for Snake Boy?”

I remember going up to a┬ámountainous area around Rogue River, OR. It was a beautiful day. I wore my Ozzfest ’99 shirt that day, but because of copyright I had to remove it and just wear my undershirt for the scene. I clearly remember practicing my line for days. I didn’t want to screw it up. When we practiced it in front of the director that day it was perfect. He was super happy and said “Say it exactly like that” after my first try. I was pretty stoked. Then the camera started rolling and I clammed up. I got really nervous. It must have taken us about 6 takes to get a usable version. They premiered the film at the local theater in Grants Pass, and I have to say… it’s quite odd to see yourself on a screen 20 feet tall.


Die Before I Wake revolves around a woman that sneaks into a quarantined town searching for her missing family. While in this town she is stalked by a masked sniper and meets a quirky, mysterious old man by the name of Snake. Together they try to capture the sniper before he is able to take their lives.

This suspense thriller was the debut film from Bison Motion Pictures and finished in 2003. It was directed by Ray Nomoto Robison and starred Sara Taylor, Rockart Von Felker and Doug Peyton. It happened to win the 2004 “Award of Distinction” from the Videography Awards. It runs about an hour an a half or so.

Honestly, it’s not that great of a movie. The acting is terrible, the music is horrible and the cinematography is dismal. The film was created with only $10,000 dollars though, so you have to forgive it’s flaws.

If you’re so inclined to purchase this film, Amazon has it available.

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