Sometimes I worry about the people that use the internet. From crazy SJWs with their mass wrong-think, to trolls only out for the lolz. Then there is the group of people that just want to shit on something to shit on it. I ran into a few of these over the last 24 hours.

First, I ended up in a conversation with a guy that is trying to tell me that Jesus isn’t Jewish, that the Old Testament isn’t Jewish text and that the Bible predates the Jews. I couldn’t facepalm enough at this. These are all arguments that I had never heard before. Well, the Jesus wasn’t a Jew one slightly, but neither of the other two. The fucking guy had me defending the Bible, that’s how much of a lunatic he was.

Then I run across one of these stupid common core math problems that people JUST CAN’T COMPREHEND. The fucking pizza one. You know which one I’m talking about. I swear, for some reason the internet likes to make things much harder than they need to be. First it was the god damn dress, now a simple, yet poorly worded, math problem. Even when you explain why they are wrong, then just don’t get it. This is why I fucking hate people.

Today was another boring day at work. Day 2 of our outdoor sale and still zero sales. I give up man. Everything I have tried has failed. I honestly do not know what to do anymore. It literally keeps me up at night (along with a few other things).

I had to call the IRS to get my brand spanking new tax bill added to my payment plan. I cannot believe they put me in such a hole with their ineptitude. At the rate I’m currently going it’s going to take me 6 or 7 years to get caught back up. All because they decided to apply my estimated taxes incorrectly. I do have to say, the people on the phone are extremely nice though. Still though, the IRS can suck on my sweaty balls.

My wife went to go get gas and apparently the guy filling the tank didn’t know how to work the hose correctly. He ended up getting gas all over the rear side panel of the car. When she came home all you could smell was gas in the garage. So we had to go on an adventure to find a car wash to try to get it off. The first one we went to we went through 2 stalls before deciding to go with it. She puts the change in AND THEN we notice there is no fucking hose. Down two bucks now.

So we decide to try the one at the other end of town. It’s a little bit of a drive and the Boatnick festival is starting, so there is people all over the place. This one seemed much nicer though, the first stall we went into actually had the hoses. So she put the change in and went at it with the hose. I think it worked. We don’t smell the gas anymore. She’s going to have to take it to get hand washed though, so it gets the harder stuff off.

Other than that the day was just bleh. At least the Warriors won tonight. They still have a ways to go though. They dug themselves a pretty big hole to climb out of. If anyone can do it, it’s this team though. Also the Penguins made it into the Stanley Cup Finals. So for my sports teams it was a good day.

Peace out fuckers!

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