Giving a “Blog A Day” thing a shot. Not sure how this will turn out, but I’ll try to write at least a little about every day. We’ll see how it goes.

Wow, what a weird fucking day this has been. Just one little weird problem after another. Let’s see if I can remember them all.

So yesterday my children decided not to tell me that the toilet had backed up. For some reason they decided to use it anyway. I dunno, maybe they were trying to conserve water or something. Anyway, I find out last night that this was an issue. Of course nothing can be done at 9 pm on a Sunday evening. I contained my vomit as best as I could as I used the plunger to no avail. So first thing today I had to research plumbers in the area and get someone out on the quickness.

It seems in this area Mr. Rooter has the best reviews. On their website they mentioned that they give you a price and stick with it. So I took a shot on them. Turns out the guy that came to fix my toilet is one of my former employees. What a small fucking world this is. We had a lot of issues with the guy. From getting along with employees, not following directions and even general hygiene problems. That was about 7 years ago now. He seems way more on top of things now. Has things together and starting a new family now, so good for him. Toilet was fixed for about $150. Damn kids always costing me more money. Made the boy child clean the dirty toilet when he got home from school. Seems only right.

Today we also had to take our 2012 Dodge Challenger in to the shop. The driver side door was always sticking, and now the airbag light came on. It just happened to be near the time to get an oil change so we figured just have it all looked at together. Turns out the door handle is bad and we’re having to have one sent overnight to us. The airbag light is on because of a loose connection it seems, so we have to keep an eye on that. Hopefully we don’t have to replace that as well.

So I WAS going to work from home this morning but then there was a few issues that I had to deal with. It forced me to go in and deal with them. I didn’t realize that Microsoft will just install Windows 10 at will. I did want it, so it’s not THAT big of an issue, but I didn’t want it to just happen with no one knowing. So the workers come in, and look at that, Windows decided to update all by it’s lonesome. In doing so it messed up our print settings and we were unable to print shipping labels. So I had to go and reset the print drivers to get it working again. Not a huge issue, but I couldn’t do it remotely.

This afternoon I got an email from Microsoft. One of our XBox Live accounts was banned for communication violations. My almost 15 year old son, in his infinite wisdom, decided to send harassing messages to himself on XBox, then report them. Resulting in him getting himself banned from XBox Live for a short time. The story goes… His XBox was messing up, and he saw himself on his online friends list. So he sent harassing messages like “Screw You” and stuff like that (probably worse stuff too) to himself. Then, he reported those messages to XBox. I got an email today saying he is banned for 24 hours for violating the terms of service. Teenagers… **sigh**

Tonight we’re celebrating said son’s birthday. His name day is tomorrow, but we have other obligations that we have to keep. We’re going to, probably the best steakhouse in town, One Fifteen Broiler. Hopefully this is the last “terrible-for-my-body-but-motherfucking-tasty” meal I’ll have for a while and I can get back to losing weight again. Don’t need my gallbladder exploding on me or anything.

Today an old buddy of mine sent me this track he’s working on. So big shout out to the homie Boss Yung. Keep doin’ what you do man. Go check him out, he’s on the come up. He’s working on dropping an album real soon.

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